Just W-2s: Always On Times' Answer to Beat Your Tax Season Assistance

Requirements Tax Season often proves to be a drain not only for companies but for the working class in general. Why bother wasting so much time deciphering every little detail of your financial life when you can gain the ability to give more time on your work, life and family.

In an endless effort of making life easier for those in need, Always On Time introduces Just W-2s - a new service that offers tax preparation services to companies and individuals. In this service offering, clients, would get assistance in completing basic federal tax returns. This means that the efficient services of Always On Time staffs would prepare your 1040-EZ and 1040-A tax forms while you sit back and enjoy your precious moments with your family. The process is really simple. All it takes is for the client to provide their supporting documentation and Always On Time completes the appropriate tax form at a fraction of what most companies charge. And what's unique about this service offering is that they allow their clients to get their taxes done even while they sleep.

There are a variety of ways to provide the documentation necessary to complete a customer's tax returns. Always On Time accepts fax, email or snail mail submission of documents. They even accept calls and appointments in the local Las Vegas area.

Once the returns are completed, Always On Time either delivers, fax, email PDF versions or snail mail the forms to their customers. It's as easy as 1-2-3 and for a reasonable cost: $25.00 per 1040-EZ and $40.00 for 1040-A.

Things just can't get any easier than this. To know more about this service, you may reach Always on Time at Toll Free: (800) 921-3259 or local to Las Vegas : (702) 434-8368, Fax: 702-995-0459 or via email at justw2s@alwaysontime.biz . To know more about Always on Time and it's other service offerings, please visit us at http://www.alwaysontime.biz/ .