Assigning small tasks to others can save time, help your business grow

If you are running your own entrepreneurial venture, chances are you have been bogged down many times with time-consuming administrative tasks that don't help grow your business, but only serve to add stress and aggravation to your life. Nearly every entrepreneur at some point finds it necessary to delegate these busy tasks - transcribing audio files, editing a letter, inputting data into a database - to someone, whether it be an employee, friend, business associate or even outsource it.

If you didn't delegate or outsource anything, you might find there aren't enough hours in the day to grow your business.

Jaime Caris, a Las Vegas-based virtual assistant who has clients based all over the U.S. and several international clients, says small businesses seek out her services to handle many of the daily administrative tasks that aren't essential to making money. These tasks can relate to sales, customer service, human resources, marketing, finance and operations.

"The slogan we use for our potential clients is time equals money," says Caris, who's company, Always On Time, uses GotVMail's Virtual Phone System. "The best way to make more money for their business is to free up their time, and using a virtual assistant allows them to not have to focus on those daily administrative duties."

A small business owner who attended a trade show and came away with a stack of business cards might not have the time to enter those into their contact management program. Caris' company will handle these small tasks, along with other data entry, word processing, transcription, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, even human resources jobs.

"We are just like an administrative assistant in your office, except we work virtually. And you don't need to pay benefits, payroll taxes, Social Security or vacation time. We work as subcontractors so our clients pay us only when they need us," Caris says.

Always On Time can also take customer service calls for a client, review resumes and place ads for a business.

"It really doesn't matter how big or small the projects are, we can handle them. Many of our home-based clients don't have the money to get a staff," Caris says.

With dozens of clients requesting projects simultaneously, it becomes critical for Caris to be economical with her time. Caris uses virtual technology tools such as GotVMail's Virtual Phone System, which helps her to efficiently handle the highest priority projects in a timely manner. She works with several contract employees, but all of the calls to her company are forwarded by GotVMail directly to her.

Caris finds GotVMail's call-screening and announce function helpful in promptly answering a client's request. "The call screening feature helps differentiate between which company is calling. It helps me stay on top of time-sensitive requests," Caris says.

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